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Genuine concern and passion

Genuine concern and passion

We love what we do and that’s why we put our heart, soul and care into every detail.

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How to choose the perfect blind

How to choose the perfect roller blind

We help you to choose the best solution with our tips and advice, to make your decision an easier task.

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Discover our extensive range

Making our own take on innovations in decor, lifestyle and technology, we create designs ranging from the highly functional to the latest trends, so that your blinds will bring decoration and atmosphere to your home.

Light is an essential part of achieving that atmosphere, and thanks to our wide range of textures you can adjust it to create the perfect ambience.

Translucent roller blinds

Translucent blinds let the light in with no loss of privacy, creating pleasant natural lighting in every room. At Ansar Deco we play with fibres to create motifs, designs, textures...

Screen roller blinds

Within the translucent options are the screens which allow you to adjust visibility and incoming light depending on how far you open them. Here you’ll find plain and patterned designs.

Blackout roller blinds

Blackout blinds completely block out the light and are perfect for bedrooms, multimedia rooms or very sunny spots. These blinds also offer the greatest thermal insulation; they come in either smooth or textured versions and in myriad colours.

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Find your nearest store

Check out our website for inspiration and information, and if you’d like to see the products with their textures, colours and shades, you’ll find them at Leroy Merlin and Aki, where our partners will be happy to help you create your home.

If you know exactly what you want, you´ll find links for purchasing online on every product page, to make it even easier!

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Tips and tutorials

How to measure the window for installing a roller blind?

How to measure a window

Here we explain everything you need to know to measure your window and guarantee spectacular results

How to choose the perfect roller blind

How to choose the perfect blinds

Here we give you the most important factors to take into account when choosing roller blinds so that you’ll always get it right, no matter what your choice.

How to choose the perfect blind?

How to install a roller blind

Installing roller blinds is easy; with little more than a drill you can do it by yourself in a few simple steps.